About Dr. Phillips

About us – Dr. Lane Phillips spent most of his career treating acute diseases at Heathrow Urgent Care which provided care for over 100,000 patient visits. After watching the increase in the multitude of synthetic medicines being used by the medical profession on his patient’s charts, he decided to go back to his core belief and the real reason he went to medical school – prioritizing the prevention of illness over the pharmaceutical treatment of diseases. This included using natural treatments over medicines when available. He then opened the Dr. Phillips Center for Wellness with the goal of emphasizing proper nutrition including vitamins, minerals, and natural remedies.

In addition to supplementing patients with vitamins and minerals, he has also promoted the many uses of cannabis. His company Dr. Phillips Formulations (drphillipscbd.com) carries the nation’s premier ranked tinctures, the best tasting fruit chews, and the strongest CBD pain cream on the market (FDA approved for its topical analgesics). He has now started writing medical marijuana recommendations inside the Dr. Phillips Center for Wellness under the the name 420 Medicine Rx.

The studies out there on the potential benefits of Cannabis and its safety profile, make this an ideal avenue to naturally correct many problems people suffer from today. Cannabis was in hundreds of medicines in the 1800’s and I am glad patients can now get access to safe and regulated products within the State of Florida.”

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