Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to see the doctor for a medical marijuana recommendation?

Our visits for new patients are currently 199.00 (new patient special) and 149.00 for established patients or transfers.

What is a Medical Marijuana Card?

A medical marijuana card is a photo ID card issued by the Florida Department of Health. When you go to a medical marijuana treatment center, you must provide a Medical Marijuana Use Registry identification card to obtain medical marijuana, or a marijuana delivery device. The card may also be used to verify that a patient or legal representative is in the Department of Health’s Medical Marijuana Use Registry.

What are the steps needed to get a medical marijuana card?

Once your doctor has registered you with the Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry, you can apply for a medical marijuana card. You will receive an email with a link to fill out the application on the Office of Compassionate Use website. Your application will be reviewed and, if approved, a medical marijuana card will be sent to you through the mail.
This information is provided in our new patient packet
Allow 30 days for the review of your application. There is a $75 application fee.
Medical marijuana cards expire after one year, and must be renewed. To avoid delays in filling your medical marijuana orders, apply for the renewal 45 days before your card expires.
Can I do this by telephone?

Currently the State of Florida allows renewals by telemedicine but new patients or transfers must be seen in person.

What if my workplace is drug free?

You must discuss this with your employer’s HR department about your medical condition. Taking medical marijuana could jeopardize your employment.

What are the qualifications for a caregiver of a medical marijuana patient?

A caregiver must be 21 years old, and complete a caregiver certification course which costs up to $100. The caregiver must pass a background check if he or she is not a close relative of the patient.
• The caregiver must be the patient’s legal guardian or have a medical power of attorney.
• No more than one caregiver may be designated for each patient, unless that patient is a minor. Only one patient can be assigned to one caregiver.
• A caregiver may be employed through hospice.
The caregiver will be registered along with the patient in the Medical Marijuana Registry, and will receive a medical marijuana card which must be presented with a photo ID when picking up or signing for a medical marijuana prescription.


How can I prove I am a Florida resident?

To prove you are a Florida resident, you must present one of the following documents, along with your photo ID:
• Copy of your house deed or lease agreement
• Utility bill no more than two months old
• State ID or driver’s license
• Passport

What if I am considered a seasonal resident?

You must contact the office at 407-794-0420

Once I get the recommendation can I go to a dispensary right away?

You must receive your ID card from the state. This can take up to 30 days but is usually running two weeks or less. Additionally you may receive a temporary card from the state before the official ID. Until this is received you may not enter a dispensary.

Where are dispensaries (MMTC's) located?

Please see our list of dispensaries in the tab at the top of each page. MMTC stands for Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers.

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana is a name that has been widely accepted for the cannabis plant when the THC content is over 0.3%. THC is the medical part of the plant which has a myriad of medical benefits, but also produces the psychoactive effects or “high” from marijuana. When the cannabis plant has under 0.3% THC it is referred to as hemp, which generally produces high amounts of CBD (cannabidiol). This has numerous health benefits but not the psychoactive side effect.  In fact, as you increase the amount of THC in a plant, you will decrease the amount of CBD thus leading to the unwanted side effects that many suffer from with stronger concentrations of marijuana. Albeit, some enjoy that. The reason this occurs is because as growers produce or find strains higher in THC that will usually come at the expense of lower amounts of CBD. The greater the imbalance the greater the chance for this side effect as CBD can block some of the THC receptors and this would block some of the main side effects which for many is paranoia. For those of you using this medically and do not like the psychoactive effect, taking CBD prior to the administration of marijuana may help alleviate this.  If not chewing peppercorns has been listed as a potential treatment of sorts..  

What is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)?

RSO full extract cannabis oil. What that means is, all of the plant’s oil, terpenes, and other beneficial parts of the plant are present when extracting the oil. The benefit of the full extract is that because of this high concentration of ingredients, the medical effects will be more pronounced. RSP is the most commonly used extract in treating cancer, has the highest sedative effect, but it also produces the strongest “high” which some people enjoy, and others do not. This oil can also be applied topically to benefit local skin cancers and other skin abnormalities and will not create a systemic effect because of this local application. The traditional medical community refuses to acknowledge these benefits but sites such as Cannabis Oil Success Stories on Facebook have thousands of users who comment on how it has helped them and included what methods have failed. Traditionally this oil is made from the Indica strain (known for its relaxing effect “in the couch”) vs Sativa (known for its head high). How to dose RSO is explained at, a good source of medical information regarding THC.

How can I get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida?

Florida has a simple process to obtain your medical card. Just meet a current qualifying conditions (See list)* or one that may qualify (at the discretion of your qualified doctor) and a recommendation can be put into Florida’s medical system. This recommendation allows you to purchase a certain amount of marijuana in certain form(s). The only other thing you must do as a patient is see a Qualifying MMJ Physician who will evaluate and make this recommendation. Once this is in the system, you will be sent an email from the state to obtain a medical marijuana card, which is an ID like your driver’s license that will allow you to now enter a dispensary to purchase products.

Many people ask how long the recommendation lasts and how long the ID lasts. The first visit needs to be done in person and generally, the physician will write a recommendation for 210 days. At that time you would need to see the physician again. Currently the future visits after the first are allowed by telemedicine. The ID card from the state, on the other hand is renewed on a yearly basis, and the cost is $75, 

The other common question people ask is “what if I only live in Florida seasonally?” The answer is that you may apply for a card as long as you meet the full criteria. Regulations for season residents to be eligible for a medical marijuana card are as follows, a minimum 31-day stay is required (meaning that a seasonal resident must prove that they have been living in Florida more than 31 consecutive days, with intentions to remain in Florida for several months), a valid FL driver’s license, and to be evaluated by a certified physician in the state of Florida. In the event that a season resident does not have a valid FL driver’s license, 2 of any of these documents may be used in its place,  deed or mortgage to a property owned in Florida, a lease for a property that is rented in Florida, a utility bill (dated within two months at the time of application), a piece of mail from a financial institution, checking, savings, or investment statement(s) dated within two months at the time of application, the documents must show the rented or owned residential address in Florida, mail from the Federal or State government to the Florida address of seasonal residency, or a recreational trailer hook-up, lease statement, or work order on a lot or rented residence in Florida, that is not older than two months at the time of application.

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